Man Accidentally Loses His ID Then Receives $6,000 Bill For A Trip He Never Took!


Those of us who used to party a little too hard can all remember a time where we got extremely drunk and then accidentally lost our wallets, our IDs, our … well, everything. Usually it doesn’t end up too bad. Worst case scenario is we had to order a new ID and cancel our debit cards to avoid someone stealing our hard earned money. Very few of us, however, have a story as absolutely buck wild as one William George Armstrong and his missing ID.

Poor William went out for a night of drinking and lost his ID. A few days later, he got it returned to him in the mail … along with a bill from a travel agency in his name for over $5,000. To be exact: $5,287.87.

Someone had used his ID and name to book a trip to Maldives, in Asia. That’s enough to give anyone a heart attack.

Surely, William was thinking of all the frantic phone calls he would have to make in order to correct the mistake and make sure these bills aren’t actually under his name.

But … thankfully, it was all just a prank. Steve, a fellow who works at the Flight Centre office, found his ID and decided to play a little bit of a prank.

Of course, William went ahead and told Twitter what happened before revealing that it was all a prank. And everyone loved it. Thankfully, William had a sense of humor. He probably had a lot of panic thinking about what he would have to do to get the travel agency to believe that someone had stolen his ID.

But, in the end, it was just a funny story that William could tell on Twitter. He even gave Steve a shout out for best prank ever. Maybe this will get people aware of Flight Centre enough to use their services the next time that they want to take a trip.

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