Interview With Some of the World’s Hottest Stars

Hottest Stars

If you’re unfamiliar with the YouTube channel First We Feast, and in particular their series “Hot Ones” – then now is the time to get to know. In an era when the chat show format is getting a little tired and they are turning to features such as Carpool Karaoke to keep people interested, this series is a refreshing change.

two girls

The most recent guests are Bryan Cranston and James Franco, co-stars of the film “Why Him?”. It’s an incredible format whereby the guests are asked questions while eating some of the hottest chicken wings on the face of planet earth. Doesn’t sound interesting? Well the hotness of the wings is matched by the hotness of the topic of conversation, with the interview even dipping into this hot/saucy moment.

man kiss

Honestly, the interview is incredible, and I can’t reccomend the channel (this series mainly) enough. If you see a guest on there that you like, it’s probably worth watching because it’s a great format. Don’t believe me? Just watch (no I’m not Bruno Mars).

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