24 Hilarious Twitter Reactions To Taylor Swift’s Upcoming New Album, ‘Reputation’. Everyone’s Chill Is Gone!


Everyone–stans and haters alike–are super stoked about the upcoming release of THE Taylor Swift’s new record entitled ‘Reputation’. She’s already unveiled the album cover (a black and white photo of her gorgeously posing in front of the camera with some quite intriguing newspaper-like edits to go with it), as well as the release date (November 10th!). So, it’s safe to say that everyone in the world has gone insane, and you can clearly see the magnitude of the effect this whole announcement has over the whole of humanity if you go to Twitter.


1. What Taylor Swift fans probably look like at the moment:

2. Some people calm down just waaay differently than most people.

3. Two female pop stars supporting each other like sisters:

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