Ghetto Chick Has Pinched Danielle Bregoli Again – This Time It’s A Terrible Diss Track


As we all know, girls who haven’t been ‘ghetto’ or ‘hood’ in their lives always want to try out the lifestyle without actually living it. The infamous Cash Me Outside girl didn’t start the trend, but she certainly popularized getting attention from it.

Now, it seems like every girl on Twitter who wants to be ghetto is trying to capitalize on the same weird white-trash personality. The two of these girls are probably indistinguishable.


At the very least, I can’t tell them apart. But, a girl named Vicky – according to her Twitter handle – decided that she needed to record a diss track … for some reason. And the target? The Cash Me Outside Girl. No one knows why.

Experts are still trying to figure out what’s going on or how this even became viral. If you can manage to stomach the second hand embarrassment from the “diss” track itself, you might be able to worm out a reason other than this girl thinks she’s hot s**t.


Funnily enough, the video has text over top of it that proclaims “She Can Freestyle”, but the jury is still all the way out on that assertion.

There’s nothing quite like watching a blond white girl with a pink bandana tied around her head like wannabe ghetto stumbling over her words while she tries to diss another girl she’s probably never met and is, in all likelihood, trying to emulate.


Whoever is filming it doesn’t have any idea how to make the camera movements go with the beat – you know, if there was a beat.

The whole ordeal is too much. The terrible rapping itself is almost as bad as her terrible attempts at twerking. Yes, check it out – at your own risk.

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