Is This Enormous Alligator Even Real?! (Yes, And It Is Scary!)

Enormous Alligator

Some people are scared of sharks, terrified of spiders, and never want to look a lion, tiger, or bear in the eyes. After all, could an animal be more terrifying? (in my Chandler Bing voice)


Well, yes, yes it can! Meet this giant reptile thing. It looks like a dinosaur and an alligator had a baby, a dino-gator if you will.

Take a look for yourself at this larger-than-life beast!

We know what you are thinking. The massive water-and-land dwelling creature is prancing around in some other tropical country. Yes, if by tropical country you meant Lakeland, Florida.


Luckily, he is safe and sound at the Circle B Bar Reserve.

I ain’t never scared…

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