Dude Tries To Shame Cops For Bad Parking… Had No Idea Karma Was About To Hit!


Ah, Facebook. The place where people go to do everything from share endless pictures of their vacations, and get incredibly heated about things that don’t matter. One man decided to take to Facebook when he discovered a poor parking job done by Dumfries police in Scotland.

The police car was just out of the lines in the parking space, and Callum Smith decided to do what people have been doing since parking and the internet have existed side by side: he took a picture to share around. Now, the park job probably did deserve a bit of a call out.

It’s not particularly good, and we all know how much the police love to slap tickets on cars that can’t figure out how to stay in their lanes. After Smith posted the photo, he captioned it, “Some parking at tescos Dumfries tonight.

The original post garnered some good natured attention. Then, the Dumfries police decided to fire back. Well – at least their social media team did. PR took to peeking through Callum Smith’s photos until they found one that showed the Smith wasn’t an angel when it came to parking, either.

The media team for the Dumfries police found Smith’s poor parking job photo from the exact same car park, where Smith had been quite proud of his poor parking job.  Thankfully, Smith appreciated a good clap back. So did everyone else of Facebook.

The moral of the story is make sure that when you’re ready to call someone out over their parking, make sure you don’t have photos of your own terrible parking up for all to see on Facebook! And if you do, make sure you have a good sense of humor, because you will get burned right back.

Spread the parking woes, people!

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