Dude Keeps Photoshopping Himself With Celebrities And The Result Is Epic! #13 Is LOL!


Getting to know photoshop is an undisputed skill. Really, you can be entirely unstoppable once you’re able to master the program. This guy is truly some kind of chaotic neutral, because he’s been photoshopping himself into photos of celebrities.

His name is Robert Van Impe, otherwise known as Average Rob, who is a regular dude from Belgium. He’s been rocking it with the celebs – at least, via photoshop he has been.

1. Average Rob looks like he’s found himself a nice new family. Looks like he’s too big to be held like that, though.

2. Is that weird man’s stomach the reason that Kanye has that look on his face?

3. Spider-man saves everyone. Even Average Rob. His underpants might be beyond saving, though.

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