Dude Ate A Pizza Every Day For A Year And Lost Weight! Time To Evaluate Our Life Goals.


While the rest of us are struggling to lose weight, keep off of a bad diet, and make it to the gym, this guy has gone ahead and eaten a pizza everyday for a year and made the rest of us look like fools.

Brian Northrup decided to prove that losing weight and staying healthy was about more than what you ate, and he decides to do that by eating a whole Domino’s pizza every day for a year.

This was part of an Instagram project that he titled Pizzapocalypse. The title of the project is just like it sounds – Brian went full ham (and jalapeno, and pepperoni, and sausage) on a pizza every single day for an entire year.


Brian wanted to prove all of the misconceptions about staying healthy wrong. He was tired of people giving bad advice when it came to staying healthy.

Brian was out to prove that as long as your body got enough of the nutrients and good that it needs, and not too much of the stuff that it doesn’t, any food could be healthy, and weight loss could happen on any diet as long as you’re willing to put in the hours at the gym.


After all, people who regularly eat entire pizzas for dinner probably aren’t exactly hitting the gym every day. Brian’s workout may be a little extreme for those of us who want to eat a whole pizza and still stay looking fit, though.

He does full body lifting sessions and 20-30 miles of cardio every day. Still, at least now you have solid proof that eating whatever the hell you want isn’t the reason you can’t lose weight.


Next time the delivery driver side-eyes you for ordering a whole pizza for yourself every day, you can just tell him it’s part of your diet.

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