Drunk Scotsman Strips Naked And Decides To Shoot A Firework Off His… Butt.


Drunk people do all kinds of things that make us shake our heads and stare in wonder. The internet is full of stories of drunk, young men doing things that anyone would be able to tell them are very, very stupid ideas. And yet, we are still continuously drawn to watching them do these stupid things.

One young man has gone absolutely viral after he and his friends decided to shoot a firework off … from his backside. His bum. The young Scotsman’s moment of pure idiocy was caught on video. In the video, he can be seen screaming and yelling after a lit firework actually gets stuck inside of his backside and starts to burn his skin.

Fortunately, the thing was dislodged from his behind before it actually detonated on the ground. If it had been still inside of him, he probably wouldn’t have been able to walk for some time. The video was uploaded on social media, and like many videos of young men doing stupid things, has gone viral. The video begins with the young man drunkenly removing his clothes, spilling his beer as he goes.

Then, once naked, his friends stick a firework between the cheeks of his bum – and then light it. His drunken friends can be heard laughing and encouraging the whole spectacle. The fuse is lit and his friends jump away from him, and sparks start to go off. At this point, the drunk man is screaming and yelling as the sparks from the firework burn his skin.

He tries to even run with the firework still between his cheeks as it starts to go off. Thankfully, it fell to the ground before it really went all the way off. His friends were laughing the whole time, but apparently the drunk man in question only requested a cold shower after the whole ordeal.

It might be safe to say that he didn’t entirely learn his lesson.

Spread the weirdness, people.

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