‘Doofy Son’ Forgot Where He Parked The Car So Parents Turn To… Craigslist?


Everyone has lost their car in the parking garage or parking lot at least once in their life. Usually, all it takes is one time before snapping a picture of the lot number. It’s a universal experience of people everywhere. One Canadian teen managed to lose his car in the parking garage … and the garage.

Gavin Strickland parked his car in a parking garage that was several miles away when he went to a Metallica concert at the Toronto Rogers Center. He took a cab to the concert and that was that. Until he decided to leave the concert and couldn’t find his way back to his car.

He searched all over, but eventually realized that it was a lost cause and had to head back home on a greyhound bus. He’s probably not the first one who’s lost a car so bad he also lost the garage, but he’s definitely gone viral because of it.

When he got home, his parents were obviously not very pleased with the turn of events. But, the nineteen year old at least knew the general area of where the car had been parked and had some clues as to where to find it. So, his parents decided to take to craigslist and enlist the help of the public to help find their car that their “doofy son” had lost.

Their craigslist post stated, “Our doofy son parked the car in an indoor parking garage, in the first floor (slightly lower / basement level) but that garage cannot now be located….” they wrote. “It is near a Starbucks where there is some construction going on. Also nearby is allegedly a strange spiral outdoor sculpture, and possibly a bank- maybe RBC?”

With all of the nearby landmarks and clues and the general area, they manage to craft a trail back to the car. A local from Toronto, who just so happened to also be an escape room enthusiast, managed to track down the car from all of the clues that the craigslist post had laid out. Maddison Riddolls was awarded $100 reward for finding the family’s car. Thankfully, someone was able to locate it before the family had to give up hope!

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