Doctor Dumps Boyfriend Because He Said Her Vagina Didn’t ‘Smell’ Right. #WTF


What is the pettiest reason you’ve ever dumped someone? Maybe it was because they decided to change their hair, or maybe they didn’t know how to clean the dishes properly? We’ve all dumped people for a wide variety of reasons, and some we’re not really proud of. One woman and doctor has decided to end her relationship over one specific issue, and encourages other women to do the same.

Apparently, her boyfriend criticized the smell of her vagina. The story of her break up came out after she had slammed an article about women using all kinds of unnatural products to clean their vaginas because men didn’t like the smell of a natural, healthy vagina.

Men, listen up. Listen really carefully! Vaginas are self cleaning. They don’t need any kind of fragrance or cleaners. You shouldn’t be expecting the women that you date to smell like mangoes or peaches or strawberries. It’s supposed to smell like a vagina, and unless the odour is off in some way, that’s just what it smells like.

Dr Jen, a Canadian gynecologist, was aware that the boyfriend of hers in question was just an a** who had no idea what he was talking about. After all, she was a vagina expert. So when he insisted there was something wrong with her natural smell, she knew it was time to kick him to the curb. And she encourages more women to follow suit!

Of course, she also encourages women to seek a doctor if they think there might be something wrong with their vagina. But the moral of the story here is that guys probably don’t know much about vaginas, by virtues of not having one. Don’t let guys dictate how your lady bits are supposed to smell – cause they’re gonna just smell like a vagina.

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