Desperate Woman Wants To Leave Her Husband Because He’s Not… Clean And Tidy


The internet is full of all kinds of people who give useful advice. Even to a poor woman who is so desperate to change her husband’s bad habits that she is even considering leaving him. The woman in question surfaced on a forum for mothers called Mumsnet. She admitted that she was having issues with her husband and his cleanliness.

Or rather, his lack of cleanliness. The issue was that her husband seemed to not understand that he couldn’t just wear dirty clothes multiple days in a row, or only wash himself once a week. To her, her husband was smelling “musty” and it was starting to become seriously unattractive.

Her husband would often throw his clean clothes on the floor for them to get walked in and stepped over … and then pick them up and wear them again. Talk about totally unclean! Why is it that these stories often involve the husbands doing stuff like this?! Guys, come on, we know you’re smarter than this! You’re not a bachelor anymore, it’s time to shape up!

She sought out advice from the other women on Mumsnet, and was met with an array of different opinions. Most of the women wouldn’t stand for that kind of behavior. Some of them even suggested that she ought to leave him, divorce him, or put up an ultimatum.

After all, if you’re going to spend the rest of your life with someone, they ought to at least know how to wash and bathe themselves. Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to be the case of this unlucky mum.

While some women said that it was her own fault for marrying him when they’d been together for 10 years and she still couldn’t get him to change his ways, most of the responses were sympathetic.

After all, who would want to deal with a musty, unwashed husband? Ewe.

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