Dad Claims He Found Daughter’s Sex Toy. But Wait Till You See What It Really Is!


Parents can be all kinds of nosy – and when they really get to snooping, they end up finding things that they really don’t want to find. Certainly, we’ve all had our share of awkward run ins when our parents find things in our rooms that we would have rather kept hidden. One girl, Emily, had an entirely too awkward exchange with her dad when he went snooping through her things. Fortunately for Emily, what her dad found was way more innocent than anything that he might have been thinking.

Getting ready for her Disneyland trip, Emily had a portable charger for her phone. It’s a pretty normal looking, slim device – purple, easy to fit in ones purse or carry on. When he dad found it, however, he jumped to the wrong conclusion – that Emily had purchased and adult toy and was keeping it laying around in her room.

Her dad’s mistake caused him to blow up her phone with texts, telling her that she shouldn’t be making those kinds of purchases and that it’s disgusting. Emily, confused, asked her dad what he thought it was – of course, he thought it was a vibrator. He said that he thought it was “one of those toys from Spencer’s”, a store that’s known to just hang their sex toys up in plain view alongside novelty gifts.

Emily called him out on it, though, telling him that it was her portable charger and demanded to know what he was doing in her room. Embarrassed, her dad admitted that he needed chapstick and told her not to tell her mother, and told her to be safe coming home.

Well, that’s one way to admit that you were wrong and weirdly jumped the gun about your daughter’s private life! This will probably keep him from snooping through her things anymore, though! Now, if only this could have worked on all of our parents.

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