Couple Adopt ‘Vicious’ Pit Bull From Shelter. 3 Years Later No One Can Believe Their Eyes


Boyd the rescue dog is a helpful foster parent for kittens, a beloved family pet, and balloon popping enthusiast. For most pit bulls, they may spend a good chunk of their lives bouncing from shelter to shelter, their forever homes barred by landlords “no vicious breeds” rule.

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Credit: Sarah Myers

But for Boyd, his life was changed forever when his new mom, Sarah Myers, saw him at the shelter. He was found underweight, shaking and scared – but his new mom loved him and took him home anyway. Not only that, but he has lived the high life since he was adopted. Including being able to indulge in his brand new obsession: popping balloons.

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Credit: Sarah Myers

Boyd the pit bull recently turned four years old. His family had noticed that Boyd loved to pop balloons. With his feet, with his nose in the air – however he can pop them, the pooch loves to pop balloons. Of course, his family keeps a close eye on him so he doesn’t accidentally eat and swallow the corpses of the defeated balloons.


Credit: Sarah Myers

Boyd has recently gone viral because his family, for his fourth birthday, decided to give Boyd the best present they could think of: a room full of balloons for him to pop. Boyd was happy as any dog could be when given an entire room full of his very favorite activity. Boyd’s second favorite activity is keeping an eye on the kittens that his family fosters.

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Credit: Sarah Myers

He’s a big, gentle soul when it comes to the kittens, even if his favorite activity does involve jumping on top of balloons until they pop. He is such a good big brother that he makes sure his mom always knows when the kittens are crying. Maybe one day, he can teach the kittens the sheer, unadulterated joy of popping a balloon.

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