Cat Who Always Comes To School Surprises Students With What’s Hanging On His Neck


School can be hit or miss for a lot of students. Some have a great time and love learning, while others would rather be doing anything else. Sometimes, the feeling can change from day to day. But this honorary student can’t get enough of roaming the halls and sitting in on class lessons.

That is to say, Bubba the cat has wandered into school property enough times that the school had a special ID made just for him! This adorable orange and white tabby got used to wandering from the halls and into the classrooms of Leland High School that he became an honorary student.

Bubba lives with his family who did everything they could to make him an indoor cat. But, Bubba had a taste for both adventure and learning. When they started to let him out, he would go wandering to the nearby high school. Students and staff alike were immediately charmed by their four legged classmate.

Bubba doesn’t disturb the classes too much, except once when a teacher made the mistake of buying him some treats. Bubba was much more interested in snacktime than he was in learning for a while after that! But, despite all the meowing for treats, Bubba is still universally welcomed by all the teachers.

Bubba has been visiting the nearby middle school and high school since 2006 when he was just 2 years old. He’s got his own ID card and has appeared yearly in the yearbook. He goes to the school every morning and waits for it to open, and comes home at night after all the extracurriculars are done.

He seems to know that the students adore him, and doesn’t seem keen to stop any time soon. His parents think that as long as Bubba is able to make the trip to the nearby schools, he’s going to keep visiting the students and teachers year after year.

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