Canadian Town Drops Everyone’s Jaws. Let’s Finn The Dog Run For Mayor!


Ahh, politics. At dinner parties, it’s polite to forgo any mention of them. But everyone has their own opinion on them. For some people, only the big politics matter – you know, one election every four years. Other people get involved with smaller politics in their town.

This particular Canadian town seems to be going in the right direction when it comes to their new candidate for major. Honestly. If we’re all in 2017, this Canadian town is living in the year 3000. His name is Finn, and he is an Australian cattle dog, and a very good boy.


Credit: CBC

On Sunday, dog trainer Glenn Redmond shared a video nominated Finn as the next mayoral candidate of the small town of St. John’s in Newfoundland. Yep, that’s right. Whatever you were expecting, I’m sure it wasn’t that. But this Canadian pooch is concerned with the state of today’s politics and has decided to take matters into his own hands – er, paws.

Finn has already hit the streets to promote his new campaign. His handler, of course, is Finn’s spokesperson. According to Glenn, Finn shares all of St. John’s citizen’s concerns when it comes to how to make their small town a better place.


Credit: CBC

Not to mention that Finn, as Australian Cattle dogs are, is an incredibly hard worker, with more energy than any other candidate. When people aren’t getting the job done, maybe it’s time to call in the dogs. After all, dogs should definitely be allowed to vote and hold office. Who has more pure of heart and a desire to please than a dog?


Credit: CBC

Hopefully, towns all over the world follow Finn’s example and start letting their dogs run for mayor. The world might be better off if dogs were to start taking over the leadership positions.

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