Beauty Vlogger Comes Up With A New Beauty Trend… Drops Everyone’s Jaws


Youtube is full of beauty bloggers. You could probably hit any random beauty video and it would be a new girl doing a new thing every single day. It’s the latest trend in youtube channels, and it’s often quite profitable for those who do it full time. But just because it’s their job, doesn’t mean that can’t have fun with it.

Still, if you’re a beauty blogger about to make a joke video, you might want to be aware that some people just can’t take a joke! One beauty vlogger learned that the hard way. Sophie, a youtube from Essex, quit her job in social media and dedicated her time to full-time beauty vlogging on Youtube.

She decided to have a little fun with her followers, and make a jokey video about how she had heard that nose hair would be coming into style as the next beauty trend. She made a fake, joking tutorial for getting false nose hairs by using fake lashes. The video went viral, and some people got the joke. Others … not so much.

Among those who didn’t really understand that even beauty vloggers like to have fun were people telling Sophie that she would never find a man and get married. Well, she sure showed them, considering she’s already engaged! Still, a joke video probably isn’t going to stop anyone from finding true love.

Sophie doesn’t bother to respond to the haters, mostly because the rest of her feedback has been generally positive. Because, if someone can’t take a joke there’s no way to teach them! Sophie’s other joking trends have included glitter in her underarms. It’s not like this was her first joke video! Still, some people just don’t know how to laugh.

Thankfully, Sophie is going to keep on joking, and hopefully she’ll keep her sense of humor intact.

Spread the trend, people!

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