Bae Orders A £50 ‘Bicep’ Birthday Cake, What She Gets Instead Is The Stuff Of Nightmares


Cakes are all the rage these days on Youtube. People make their living off of filming themselves putting together and decorating amazing, beautiful cakes. So when it comes to ordering a cake, who wouldn’t want to get one that looks fantastic? Sharon Bijin decided to order a £50 cake off of a cake maker who was advertising on Facebook.

The cake itself was supposed to look like an arm curled up to show off a bicep. You know, a typical “gun show” sort of pose. The cake was for her partner, Jay, for his 32nd birthday. He’s a bodybuilder, so the cake seemed entirely apt. And what better way than to make sure that the cake looks amazing?

Except, it wasn’t amazing. In fact, it could be described as any word other than amazing. ‘Horrifying’ comes in mind. Instead of a nice bicep cake, Sharon was presented with someone that looks like a disgusting, slippery alien fetus. Sharon, and everyone that she had showed the cake to, was entirely shocked.

And she was a bit cross – after all, she had spent £50 to someone who was supposed to be a professional cake maker. And instead of getting a bicep, Sharon was presented with someone that looked a bit like Voldemort at the very end of Deathly Hallows Part 2. Eugh.

What’s worse, is that Sharon went to go and talk to the woman, only to find out that she had entirely removed her page. First, she had blocked Sharon, and then got her whole account removed when she attempted to have her friends get in contact.

Well, with that monstrosity of a cake that she had presented, it’s no wonder that this woman decided to go into hiding after presenting that cake. Thankfully, Sharon is able to see the humor in it – and shared it with the internet, too.

Spread the weirdness, people!

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