Babysitter Abuses Baby, But Has No Idea Karma Was Coming In Form Of A Dog To Her


Dogs know more than we give them credit for. Every single new story that comes out about a dog going above and beyond what even most humans would do for one another proves that dogs are capable of great emotional depth on some level or another. The story of Finn, his dog Killian, and an abusive baby sitter just cements this idea more and more.

Benjamin Jordan is the father of a 7-month-old, and his black lab-german shepherd mix dog, Killian, would eventually save Finn’s life.Finn’s babysitter, Alexis, seemed like part of the family – that is, until Killian began to get more and more agitated whenever she was around.

Killian, who the family only knew as a sweet, loving and friendly dog, started to become defensive whenever the babysitter was around. Killian even insert himself between Finn and the babysitter, growling defensively. The family had employed Alexis five months previously, and the behavior of their dog was enough to make them suspicious.

They put an iphone underneath the couch, thinking that perhaps they would catch Alexis being cruel to Killian. As it turns out – they heard her abusing their son. She swore at 7 months old Finn, and even went so far as to hit and shake him. The abuse started as simply swearing, and then escalated to physical violence.

There’s no telling what could have happened to Finn if the abuse continued to escalate, or if Killian had not alerted the family of what was going on. In fact, if it weren’t for Killian, the family might not have known that something was up until it was too late.

Alexis pled guilty to child abuse and will serve three years, as well as be put on a registry. All thanks to Killian.

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