9-Year Old Guesses Dad’s Phone Password And Starts Booking Tickets And Spending Cash!


Kids are always getting into all kinds of mischief. Especially when your kid is that age where they can start using devices like phones, tablets and computers. You always want to keep them monitored when they’re online, but it’s not always realistic. One dad figured out the hard way what happens when your kids isn’t monitored correctly online.

Don’t worry, this story isn’t as scary as it sounds … unless you’re terrified of spending money! Ian Wilson was sleeping when his daughter, 9 years old, guessed his phone password and decided to spend a bit of money. Well… a lot of money. Susan snuck into the lounge around midnight and guessed her dad’s password, and decided to help out with the family vacation.

While they usually vacation in Skegness, Susan decided that it was time for a change, and booked a flight and hotel for Disneyland in Paris. She also bought a tour of the Eiffel Tower, along with a ride on the Disneyland express, and tickets for the next day.

Of course, the family didn’t know what Susan had done, and her dad wasn’t even aware of what had transpired until he saw that over £1,000 had been taken out of his account via paypal. When asked what she was thinking, Susan said she doesn’t even know what she did. She said she didn’t even know where Paris or what the Eiffel Tower is. She even apologized to her dad and offered 10p to help pay back the costs.

Susan’s dad, Ian, says he doesn’t believe that she really understands the enormity of what she did. She just thought she was messing with her dad’s phone. While none of the places purchased from said that they would offer a refund, paypal did agree to return the money because of the cost that little Susan had caused her dad. If this doesn’t inspire parents to be more aware of what their kids are doing online, nothing will!

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