For 14 Years Mystery Woman Has Been Crashing Funerals For A Reason You Won’t Believe


You’ve probably heard of wedding crashers, right? After all, there was an entire movie named after the phenomenon. Strangers who show up to weddings and don’t know the bride, groom or the guests and just dance all night, hook up with the best man or the bridesmaids, and dig into that delicious, free food.

Now, get ready for this concept: a funeral crasher. Sounds sick, right? Who intrudes on someone’s most private, vulnerable moments by crashing the funeral of a loved one? Well, this unnamed Berkshire woman is just that person. She’s been seen attending as many funerals as humanly possible, even going so far as to chat with the grieving family members – right before digging into the free food at the wake.

Apparently, this woman has been attending every funeral she could for the last fourteen years. Families have only recently found out after Father Noah Connolly informed some family members of her presence, coming and going as long as he can remember for the past fourteen years. Family members are, of course, righteously both confused and pissed off.

But the holy Father can only shrug his shoulders, since he can’t exactly make her stop coming, or say that she isn’t allowed. The woman is apparently deeply religious, and has decided that it’s her duty to attend as many mass as possible – which means crashing weddings and wandering into the reception after she’s done.

Families have found that the woman is rather intrusive, and they don’t like having her around – she lies about how she knew the deceased in order to hang about. Whether she’s really that religious or whether she’s just using it as a cover for some emotional tourism, she has one weird hobby.

Or, maybe it’s the free lunch. That’s what many of the families suspect. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of stopping, even after she’s been found out.

Spread the weirdness, people.

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