14 Times Autocorrect Literally Ruined People’s’ Lives. #13 Is Just Too Unbelievable.


Autocorrect has been the bane of everyone’s existence at least once. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to type something close to the word it changes to, or something entirely different – autocorrect is a monster unto itself. It follows no laws and bows to no man.

No matter how carefully you write your texts, autocorrect will make sure that you have at least one insanely awkward text once in your life – and if you’re unlucky, it’ll probably be a lot more than that. Check out these people who probably will be throwing their phones out the window with how horribly their autocorrect has failed them.

1. Has your autocorrect ever tried to throw your dad in prison? Thankfully this mistake was quickly corrected.


2. This autocorrect is trying to give the kids way too much information about their parents.


3. That awkward moment when you think your friend’s boyfriend is off to bury a body.


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