11 Times People Came Up With Brutal Messages On Cakes… #10 Is Just Unreal


The thing about personalizing cakes with messages on them, is that you can get pretty much anything written on a cake. Some people use this power for good – happy birthday, congratulations, etc. Other people use their cake inscribing powers for just a little bit of evil – but mostly for humor. Check out these cakes with funny, sarcastic and sour messages written in such sweet icing.

1. We’ve all had to awkwardly explain something to our significant others. What better way to do that than with a cake?


2. Ever needed to break something to your friend who can’t hold their alcohol? How about a hangover cake?


3. Or maybe you’re the drunk friend. If you can’t hold your alcohol, you probably have a lot of apologizing to do. Try a cake.


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