10 Epic Text Responses From People Who Had Better Things To Do In Life


Ever get caught in a text conversation with someone you would really rather not be texting? I’m sure. We all have! There’s just no graceful way to dip out of a text conversation, since people … you know, always have their phones on them!

Times like this call for desperate measures. Sometimes, you just have to learn how to clap back. Getting someone to ignore you is a lot more fun than ignoring someone else. Check out this absolutely hysterical responses to some weirdos via messages.

1. Just go ahead and point out that massive flaw in their profile picture. If they happen to be weeping like a baby, this should be particularly easy.


2. Ever tried being literally literal? People stop having fun when you don’t give in to their innuendos. But you’ll still be having fun, so that’s all that matters.


3. You could always try the old “scare them away” tactic. If you’re more weird than them, they’ll be able to tell this is a text convo that they’re bound to lose.


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